SQ-110 EL : 125Kg

Additional information


125 Kgs/Day


126 Ice Cubes/Batch


40 Kg


0.75 kw


18.00 Units/Day


H-900mm x W-680mm x D-670mm


65 Kg

  • Introducing for the First Time in India – Feature Packed Touch Screen Display. 
    • Adjust Ice Size with a Simple Touch – User can adjust desired Size and Weight of the Ice Cubes with the touch of a button from the New Touch Panel.
    • Control Water Drain – User can control the amount of water to be drained directly from the Touch Panel as per the water inlet quality; maintaning the Ice Quality, while reducing water wastage.

  • Feature Packed Touch Panel Keeps the User in Control.
    • The Touch Panel shows the current state of the machine Including currect cycle, Ice Making time, Storage Full Indication, No Water Indication, etc.
    • Auto Start and Auto Stop – User can set a Timer to start the machine at any given time of upto 12hrs. Machine stops automatically in case of water shortage, high pressure, etc.
    • Auto Cleaning every time machine starts.